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Your property is one of your most valued assets you own, we understand that. At Merritt Real Estate Professionals our goal is to work together, as one, to develop an appropriate strategy not only to market your home, but to understand your needs and sell your home. All of our Real Estate Professionals are trained to assist you in a qualified manner in regards to Real Estate Advice, Values, Marketing, Communication, and Transaction Process. Our overall process to sell your property is a side by side walk from pre-list to close. As we start this walk we hope to educate you as we go so you can make dynamic decisions to sell your home on your terms. By harnessing the technology available to market your property, you will have bold, accurate, and immediate exposure of your property. 

Initial Property Consultation

 It’s time to develop an understanding of both your property and you. Prior to placing your property on the market, we can do a Property Consultation. During a Property Consultation we will indicate possible cosmetic and/or maintenance repairs, discuss the impact of condition and financing, and recommend any inspections that may be pertinent to your property. A popular concept in real estate is staging. Our team has the basic knowledge of staging to assist in getting your home ready, or we can suggest professional staging. Upon completion of the property walk through, we will formally sit down and discuss your needs and wants in regard to real estate and what you are expecting from us. Educating our clients is a top priority, and prior to completion of the consultation you will be educated in the current real estate market, price range of your property and current competition, and be able to ask any unanswered questions. (Example of Property Consultation Report)(Request a Consultation)

Getting You and Your Property Ready for the Market.

Love what you heard so far? The next step is a discussion about the buying and selling process. During this time we will present a professional value analysis, explain fees associated with selling your property, and formulate the proper documentation for both marketing and listing your home. (Example of Value Analysis Report, Net Proceeds, Listing Agreement available upon request)

Your 5 Step Property Production

“Lights, Camera, Action!!!”

 Producing an amazing real estate listing consists of a multiple step collaboration between client and agent.

  1. Your agent will collect further information about your property through both public record and then re-organize all data/info collected with you.

  2. A property packet with information often requested by potential buyers will be your “homework” prior to the home being placed on the market. The property packet has become one of our favorite informational pieces for both buyer and realtor. 

  3. A full description is written about your property, detailing the fine intricacies it holds.

  4. Professional quality photographs of the interior and exterior of your home are taken from a real estate agents perspective. 

  5. Quality photographs and accurate information is given to our marketing department for development of a 60 second promo video and an informational/marketing flyer is completed to be reviewed by your agent. 

Once completion of production is finalized, all this information is collected and sent for your approval. Your input into the marketing of your property is very important to us.

 Marketing Your Property

We are officially on the market and the sign is in your yard. The first 30 days your real estate is for sale is the most crucial and we will be ready to market your property. In order to introduce you to our marketing, let me broadly introduce portions of what Merritt Real Estate Professionals will do to market your real estate. Your property will be placed into two multiple listing services, these services market your home to those who sell homes every day, real estate agents. The multiple listing service has become a crucial element for real estate professionals everywhere, featuring amazing search and marketing tools available only to real estate agents., our professional real estate marketing platform, features many emerging real estate technologies available today. This innovative real estate website will become the exclusive home for your property. Our marketing efforts, online, will be focused to revert potential buyers to As you know many other National Real Estate Sites exist and are at our disposal as well. The primary National Real Estate sites you are familiar with are,, and, however many others are available to us for marketing your Real Estate. Social Media has become an overwhelmingly popular media in which we communicate, combined with the speed and reach of the internet, social Media campaigns have become very important to our marketing program. Open Houses are still a very key component to real estate marketing. A properly executed open house encourages the networking side of your selling your property and its immediate public exposure. Our advertising of an open house is done through social media campaigns, signage, local newspaper, email campaigns, and the previously mentioned national sites. Remember your promo video? Your promo video will be used throughout the duration of your listing period to help reach out to more potential buyers.

Client/Agent Meeting

 Meeting with your agent is very important throughout the listing process. Each meeting can be held at your convenience and is completely set up around your needs. During this meeting we will discuss recent activity on your home, and comments shared during showings and open houses. We also have access to multiple reports and charts that can help us to determine how things are going compared to previous homes that we have had for sale. Lastly, we will reevaluate the price of the property and investigate possible changes that can impact your listing.

 Why List with Merritt

From beginning to end we will educate for sound decisions, harness technology for efficiency, market your property to the masses, and professionally represent your best interest. When you use a Merritt Real Estate Professional, you are getting more than a real estate agent. You are getting a team of Professional Real Estate Agents and amazing staff to help you in turning the next page in your life.

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